Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cyclist-enthusiast, a resident Stefan Berlin Gulas (Stefan Gulas) invented the man-power hybrid motorcycle eROCKIT, which combines the sport of motorcycle and ecological benefits of a bicycle.Bicycle-motorcycle eROCKIT able to travel at a speed of 80 km / h. The cost of a hybrid motorcycle is approximately 25 thousand euros.

The eROCKIT - 50 mph pedal electric hybrid motorcycle.

Electric-bitsikl eROCKIT fitted with pedals, connected to a generator, charging batteries, and motor control system, regulates, so to speak, filing a «gas.Electric motors located at the rear wheels.Thus the mechanical connection between the pedals and rear axle missing.The function over the chain on the electronics.With a maximum speed of 80 km / h and the motor output of 12 horsepower overtake a car at a local stream - not difficult.

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle also reports that when riding a hybrid bike all the time needed twirl pedal, that is to go the same way as a normal bicycle.Handles or pedal a eROCKIT not - dispersal occurs through a more intensive rotation of the pedals.

Perye people, experienced man-power hybrid motorcycle eROCKIT, told that «when the Pedal, there is a sense that you are given necheloveskoy force».According to them, ahead of cars, using their muscle and force - an incredibly exciting feeling.